On the weekend of November 22, 2015 there will be a Stewardship Renewal at Pope John XXIII parish. The renewal is a call to reaffirm and upgrade our commitments of support and participation that were made by parishioners in January 2012. Time will be set aside at all the Masses for the faithful of the parish to indicate their intentions regarding financial support for the parish. Offertory intention cards and envelopes will be in the pews. Parishioners will once again be encouraged to enroll in electronic giving.

Although the increased offering program conducted in January 2012 was successful, the response has faded slightly even as the needs have increased. This renewal of our Stewardship of Treasure Program is in response to the need for the parish and each of us individually to review where we are in our stewardship, our sharing of our resources for the fulfillment of the parish mission and vision.

What we do through our extensive faith formation program, outreach ministries, stewardship program and Sacramental and liturgical celebrations flows from the Gospel mission of the parish. The funding that has made possible all the work and ministry and maintained and improved our facilities has come from the support and generosity of the people of Pope John XXIII Parish. Your support and generosity though must continue and even grow in order to keep pace with the challenges to continue our ministries, be able to assist parishioners and families in need and to maintain our facilities. This pamphlet and in particular the Guideline to Giving is offered to assist us in making a decision for the future.

May God bless you for your generosity and for all you have done to further the mission of Pope John XXIII Parish. May we make our contribution to the future of the community of faith with the same spirit of all those over the years who have blessed us with such a vibrant parish community.


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