Pentecost Letter from Bishop Lucia

From Bishop Lucia:

It is always an exciting time for me as the Solemnity of Pentecost approaches. This year the Vigil of Pentecost coincides with the third anniversary of the announcement of my appointment as the Bishop of Syracuse. For me the Pentecost feast is always groundbreaking and so this year I am motivated to share some of what I have heard in the 42 synodal listening sessions held around the diocese and introduce you to some changes that will be taking place because of what I have heard.

I have written a letter to our diocesan family dated June 4th, Vigil of Pentecost. In the letter, I introduce two changes that are taking place with the publication of the letter. They come as a result of what I have learned in my three years in the diocese and as already mentioned, especially in what I have heard in the synodal listening sessions.

The first change is the transition from a regional structure to vicariates along with the appointment of Vicars Forane. The other is a change in our approach to formation and the adoption of a team approach to forming disciples. This new approach is in direct response to the current situation of our faithful and what I have heard repeatedly throughout the diocese – our approach to catechesis and formation must change. As such, I have asked five offices to work together as a team to provide models, support, and resources that will help this diocese transition from what has been termed moving from Christendom to Apostolic Mission.

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