Kobonal Water Project

Providing safe, clean water to poor villagers.

Our goal is to raise $14,636 to build one community well. You can donate via envelopes located at all entrances to the church or online at https://popejohnchurch.org/donate-now/


Dig wells and install pumps to benefit poor villagers living in Haiti’s Central Plateau.


Prevent unnecessary illness and needless deaths from waterborne diseases by providing destitute families with access to safe, clean water.


Kobonal is an isolated farming community within the Diocese of Hinche, which encompasses nearly 1,200 square miles and is home to about 518,000 people.


Each well costs about $14,636 which includes drilling, installing a pump, building a shed to store supplies, and providing education to community members on how to fix and maintain the wells.


• When Fr. Glenn Meaux arrived to establish Kobonal Haiti Mission, he found abject poverty, deplorable living conditions, and people dying of starvation.
• Over the last two decades, the Mission has helped bring dramatic improvements to the area.
• Hundreds of villagers in Kobonal lack access to clean, safe water sources; instead they depend on contaminated rivers and wells for drinking water.
• With the support of compassionate Catholics, Cross Catholic Outreach plans to build wells in several communities, so that the people will have safe water to drink.
• Members of the communities have volunteered their time to help with the construction; all that is needed is the funds to get the project started.