School Supplies Drive is a Success

Dear Pope John XXIII:

We truly appreciate the school supply donations again this year. Many students have benefited from your generosity. It is through your kindness that brings relief to so many families who cannot afford to buy school supplies. Thank you very much!

Dana Ziegler, Principal

Nate Perry Elementary


So you see – 20 years strong and the need and appreciation continues. Nothing like the smell of new crayons or a brand new backpack. You make this happen!

Pope John XXIII parishioners – you are the best!!


Thank you,

The Human Development Committee

Faith Formation

Faith Formation classes will be starting soon. Make sure to sign your children up. Information and letters were mailed out at the beginning of August. If for some reason you did not receive one, please call Mrs. Fallon at 315.652.1094 or email her.

We are discussing changing the Grade 5 & 6 classes from Monday night to Thursday night. Please let us know if this will or will not work for you. We would like to accommodate as many people as possible. We know schedules are hectic and hopefully having most grades on the same night will help to alleviate some of that frantic rushing around.

We are very excited to have our children back for classes. We have the dates, times and other information on the Faith Formation link of the website. If you still have questions, feel free to call Mrs. Fallon at 315.652.1094 or email her.